Custom Prints

If you have a digital file ready for 3D printing and would like us to print and prepare your model for you, we can print to order almost any file. There are a few conditions we need to outline before you send us any files;

First off Please make sure you have permission to share the file from the artist, this will either be in the license you obtained with the file download or via direct contact with the artist

We only have limited print capacity so to print above a certain volume  is not possible, We are able to split files in some cases to make a multiple part model if you require a bigger model

We are also capable of supporting files ourselves, if a file is unsupported this will take some extra work but unless it has been professionally pre-supported this is preferred.

In you enquiry please let us know in advance if you require the model to be scaled to a certain size, scale or by a percentage. We will not be liable if this information is not disclosed and the print is done in the wrong size.

All enquiries for this service should be sent to once we have reviewed your file(s) we will let you know a rough timescale and an exact cost to print. We will not charge any extra after a price is agreed, unless you add to or remove things from the order.

We have the right to refuse any prints we feel we can not do or we feel that the steps above have not been followed, we may ask for verification from you that you have followed these steps. All files will be deleted once the print is completed and you have received your model. We will not be printing additional copies or using the files for any other purpose other than the ones agreed to by the creator within the original license or written agreement for printing.

By sending a file to us you confirm that you have followed the steps above correctly and accept full liability for the license.