Meet The Team


Luke Gilks

Hi, I'm Luke and I take care of the website design and product catalogue, this also involves looking for sculptors and files, uploading renders so you can see what the prints will look like.

I also manage the printing and curing of the models and the fulfilment of your orders.

My main hobbies away from Rise are; Age of Sigmar, D&D and Xbox Games. I love working on new projects and often have multiple on the go at once.

It is an absolute dream to be working in the miniatures industry as i get to look at so many great new sculpts and also look into new ways to bring these digital files into physical forms, new printing methods and resins are things I'm always on the look out for.

2021-03-02 (2).png

Chantel Marie

Hello & Welcome! 

Lass is the name, Miniature painting is my game! 

I am a professional miniature painter, dabbling streamer and mediocre at best, table top games player from Norfolk, England! 

I paint primarily Warhammer but I also enjoy painting a varied selection of other minis! 

It all started in 2016 when a friend took me into the Warhammer shop he had started working in. Warhammer was never something that had ever caught my eye before. I assumed it was "just a bunch of space men" and never thought I'd have the patience to paint on such a small scale. I've always been very, very arty, but miniature painting just didn't seem up my street you know? Anyway, I went for a look out of curiosity and to show interest in a friends hobby and now work. Well... turns out it was not just "space men" at all. 

The "Age of Sigmar" side of the shop caught my eye... before I knew it I was picking up all of the boxes and staring in awe at these beautiful models. Sylvaneth or "Tree People" as I first referred to them as, were the ones I fell in love with. My first ever miniature I painted was a Sylvaneth Branchwych and after that I was hooked. I ended up with a whole army of "tree people" and began to learn to play Age of Sigmar. 

Together we launched Rise From Resin and we each bring our own set of skills to the table, below is a little of what we do. We have big plans to build a brand to be proud of and every single purchase you make means the world to us!