50 Shades of Lass (Round 2)

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Hello again, Hairy here!

I know I've been slack on the blog but print demand, printer breakdowns and so much more have taken my focus away from writing, now seems like a great opportunity to start again.

We have decided to take the Lass Challenges to a new level using Rise From Resin as a great platform to do so. We really enjoy running the challenges, what started as a small, fun community building event, has spiralled into a huge project, with over 110 entrants in the last challenge! We needed a way to better manage the entries as it took up a huge amount of our time just to compile the list of entries. add to that to the checks we needed to complete to make sure everyone was qualified to enter, the proof of start pictures, the collecting of finished entries and then the judging of the finished works. We're talking days of work for both of us at all hours of day and night, and prizes generously given out of our own pocket.

So with that being said the challenges are back and bigger than ever, this time were going to need a little support. We are not asking for donations we're asking that all entrants buy a challenge pack from us, included in the pack will be a heroic miniature (worth £10) a free tracked postage* code and 10% off anything from the Rise From Resin website voucher (code delivered in the box) This pack will also be your confirmed entry into the challenge to win yet more Rise From Resin/Lass Games Prizes. We believe this pack is worth the cash price on its own but added to this there will be prizes to win along with being part of our amazing community. please read on to find out more.

This is going to be a revisit to the "50 Shades Of Lass : 1 colour challenge" that was so popular before. You will be assigned ONE colour to use to paint your miniature, using any SHADE of that colour. Black & White are allowed for lightening and darkening. Use as many variations of your one colour to make your miniature stand out! A fun, challenging way to push your painting skills!

We will be going live via Lass_Games Instagram account once all entrants have received their miniatures (hence the tracked postage) so no-one can start before we reveal the colours on the live.

The Rules/Entry Criteria

  • The Pack is available to purchase from today here you have until the end of the day on 01/08/2021 to purchase your pack and there is no limit to how many entrants we will allow so lets make this the best Lass Challenge yet with the most completed entries so far.

  • You must purchase the challenge pack to enter and be in with a chance of winning one of the prizes, you will gain 1 entry per pack and each person may only enter once, feel free to buy yourself and a partner/friend an entry too, we will need their details on the entry form as well in this case.

  • You may only use your given colour (black and white can be used for lightening and darkening your assigned colour) All types of paint are permitted but must be in the given colours. For example if (like me last time) you are given Yellow, you may use any Yellow paint you like, any shade, any brand! No other colours to be used! Washes/Shades are allowed in your given colour, as well as black.

  • Bases can look however you choose, we will be taking creativity into account here too.

  • Once we give out the colours you may begin,

  • Entries will be judged based on how well you represent your given colour as well as the overall look of the miniature. Rules must be followed.

  • To submit your entry please post your finished miniature to Instagram using the #lasschallenges and tag @lass_games and @risefromresin or email it to riseformresin@gmail.com if you either do not use Instagram or just do not wish to share it. Feel free to share your Work In Progress shots too, we always love to see them!

  • You must be following @lass_games & @risefromresin on Instagram (or if you don't have Instagram, you must be a member of our website!)

  • We will set a deadline of 1 month from the live colour announcement to complete your work and send in your entry. We will be sharing the winners pictures on all our platforms will full credit to the artists along with links to profiles to properly credit the individuals.

Prizes! this is the bit you've all skipped ahead to read. We will be awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes at the end of the challenge. these will be judged by our hostess @lass_games, myself @hairypainter and a 3rd impartial judge (to be announced) if in the event of a tie the impartial judge will have the final say between the tied parties.

1st - £100 Rise From Resin voucher

2nd - £50 Rise From Resin voucher

3rd - £25 Rise From Resin voucher

These will be sent via direct message or email to the winners within 24 hours of the announcement. It is up to the winners to keep these voucher codes safe as we cannot be held responsible if they share the code and someone else uses it, there is no cash alternative.

If you do not wish to purchase a pack you may pick any miniature and allocate yourself a colour to join in with the community and use the #lasschallenges but you will not be eligible for the prize or judging. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us via email (as above) join our discord where we chat all day every day or direct message us on Instagram.

Lastly please follow the #lasschallenges and do your bit to support everyone who enters, the more successful this is the bigger and better we can run these challenges (and prizes).

Thanks again for supporting us, we can't wait to get this challenge started!

Hairy Painter (Luke)

*free postage applies to our charges, entrants from outside the UK may be subject to duty and taxes by their government/postal services

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