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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Wow this has really taken off, not in our wildest dreams did we expect such a huge collective response of excitement so first off thank you so so much from both of us, thank you for jumping on the social media, follows, likes and shares all mean so much and has enabled us to speed up the launch of the website and also thank you for coming here to our blog. This is where we want to do things a bit differently, yes we really want you to buy our prints and we really appreciate the support but here is where we are going to support YOU, the Instagram artist, the commission painter, the cosplay specialist, whoever you are and however you share your art we want to celebrate that here!

Here is the home of our Featured Artist segment, a chance to have your say and give others a small insight into your world. This I going to be a different artist every month hand picked by Lass and I to shout about and show off as well as a few other perks yet to be announced or discussed. I have been part of the miniature painting community via Instagram for a while now and I've never really been overly active on social media, I wanted to do something a little different that can really boost the community one person at a time. If I could take this opportunity to declare my biggest supporter the first official Rise From Resin Featured Artist, of course Chantel better known as LassHammer is a huge part of everything I do, every project I dream up everything I paint, print and build she’s always there to help.

I have in fact been interviewing her on the sly so that this first feature could be a surprise to her as well as everyone else so here's what I managed to get from a few sneaky questions;

When we first thought up a 3D printing shop/service how did you think it would go?

"Honestly I thought it would go great. Lots of the big printing companies are in countries with high shipping prices and since “brexit” even more so, or they don’t ship here at all. A 3D miniature printing company in the UK, with affordable products and low shipping costs? I can't see how that could be a bad thing!"

How pleased are you with the launch of Rise From Resin?

"Overwhelmed and incredibly grateful. From the moment we announced it so many people jumped on to support and have done so since! All the shares, likes and messages have really meant so much! Supporting small business is always important and even more so now and to the people running these businesses, it means the world."

What product really captures your heart from the store?

"The elf ranger I had the pleasure of painting when we did our first print, you know how much I love elves (especially wood elves) and this one is a beauty! Oh, and I’ve got my eye on the tall barbarian lady..."

What’s on the painting table at the moment?

"A large quantity of World Eater, Warhammer 30k miniatures. It’s my first full army commission. I’ve also got a handful of lovely pulp inspired metal miniatures that I’m working on in between."

What's your next project going to be?

"I’m currently working on 2 Warhammer Age Of Sigmar armies, Gloomspite Gitz (goblins) and Ironjawz (orks)

I also have a whole back log of mythic battle: Pantheon minis to get through... (and the rest)"

What's the best painting advice you have received?

"I was looking for ways to improve my “non-metallic-metal” look on one of my miniatures and Emil (Age Of Squidmar) critiqued it for me and sent me a whole video with some really amazing tips!" He does some amazing tutorials and is super lovely chap!

If you were going to teach a new technique what would you teach and why?

"I’d like to either do a video or a live steam showing people how I wet-blend! It’s a technique I didn’t know was a “technique” if that makes sense, it’s just something I just DO and a way I paint. However I get lots of messages about it and I can’t explain it verbally how it’s done, so I would show the process instead."

Do you have any other hobbies or things you’re working on?

"Video games are a big passion of mine, I currently have an Xbox and a Nintendo Switch but I also have a PC on the way. My favourite games being RPGs, shooters and wholesome simulators like Animal Crossing and Stardew valley when I want to relax.

I stream games (and mini painting) on Twitch ("

So finally a massive thank you to Lass for being there every step of the way and thank you to all of YOU from both of us for stopping by to read a little more about what we do as we start off the Featured Artist campaign.

I wonder who's going to be next?


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