Nova3D First Impressions

Hey everyone, This is something a little different to my normal posts, usually I'll write about something we're doing or something new to the store. This time we have been talking to Nova3D who are on a mission to create the best resins for 3D printing across multiple applications and they asked if we would test some and let them know what we think, so here are our thoughts.

We were sent some standard polymer resin in transparent blue after only a few uses I can say it is far form standard the flow of the resin is really nice and easy to pour into the vat no holding the bottle on end for hours to get the last bit out either. As will all polymer resins there is an odour to is but it is not as strong as others I have used and the colour is really nice, both in liquid and cured forms the blue is strong so seeing how different thicknesses show up has been interesting,

Up until now I have only ever printed in matte grey as I felt this was the best option for me. I was aware that i could use clear resin but my initial thoughts were that I would find it difficult to see the details on the models before priming and therefore would be more likely to miss defects or support marks, I was wrong, these prints came out amazingly and he details were so crisp and i can clearly see the details on all of the prints we did. Our very own LassHammer used this Eye Tyrant by Cursed Forge on her Hobby Fest stream and will be continuing to paint on some more streams. I think you'll agreed that it looks amazing from print to painted.

Next I had a a few Artisan Guild models to print and I thought these would be an amazing test for smaller details, where the Eye Tyrant had the sharp details and the big textured areas these have small smooth details. again I was left impressed by the Nova3d resin.

For my third test set I had a custom order that I needed to print and thought that it would make an excellent showcase for how this resin can hold some really sharp details even on such a tiny scale, so far the resin has impressed me with the usual products I print, no surprise with these prints either., as you can see all the details came out really crisp and clear.

Finally with the remainder of the sample resin I printed a set of busts for our mystery box subscribers. I know these products will get painted soon so I can't wait to see the finished results.

All in all this resin has been amazing to work with it has been reliable to print with which is the most valuable characteristic to someone like myself who really needs prints to come out right first time. Having that confidence in a print is worth a lot. The details are amazing all these miniatures were printed at 0.02mm on a 2K screen and the buildings were at 0.05mm on a 2k screen, I cannot recommend this product enough, Yes there are cheaper resins available... but they are cheaper for a reason, If you own a resin printer go and get some of this Nova3d in transparent blue to try for yourself, we strongly recommend it!

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