We're Making Minis out of Plants????

No I'm not mad, or a crafting genius going into the woods and making amazing sculptures from trees and bushes, we have done something even better, we have switched to plant based resins, with all the toxins generated from traditional SLA plastic resin we were taking precautions to keep ourselves safe but there's always waste, failed prints and supports to name the main culprits (ignoring my pile of unpainted minis) so now were going to waste no more plastic by switching to a more eco friendly, toxin free and low odour (that's for our benefit not yours... still good though). All of our store products are being printed in Plant based resins as standard, we do have some other projects coming up that do not fit in with this and we will be talking about these soon.

We see this as a massive step towards reducing our impact on the planet while still enjoying our hobby, while the manufacturer claims it to be truly eco friendly we are aware that there are still steps we need to take in post print processing to make that a statement we can stand by as a company too. This is just one step and probably the most impactful one we can make in becoming more environmentally friendly, we already use recycled materials for our boxes and all our packaging filler. we don't print invoices to save on ink and paper. All these steps have been taken with our ethics in mind.

Let us know what you think about this , or if you have any other ideas for improvements along these lines please fill in a contact form and let us know!

Thanks for reading and supporting what we do

Luke & Chantel

Rise From Resin

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