What a Week

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Its the weekend again, but that doesn't mean we stop here at Rise, we've been lucky enough that so many of you wanted the be part of what were doing here that the printers have not stopped since the first orders came in on Friday the 12th. We know you're all excited to get your miniatures and busts from us and trust me we're going as fast as we can, as exciting as this all is were new at this and we would really appreciate your feedback. I know companies ask for feedback all the time but we don't want to use this to capture data or market to you, if you want all our latest news and offers you can sign up, or follow us on Instagram/Facebook. All we want at this time is to know how you think we're doing. just head on over to www.risefromresin.co.uk/testimonials and fill in the form.

In other news our favourite sculptor has released another new model, a new take on the snow golem, this spikey monster looks like he'd mess up a party in any tabletop RPG, were able to offer this on 25mm, 50mm or 75mm bases in the shop starting at just £7 or contact us for any other sizes and we will see what we can do!

Secondly don't miss our amazing GIVEAWAY of this huge red dragon details were posted on our Instagram and Facebook earlier this week;

🔥 Follow us @risefromresin on Instagram, like this post and tag some friends = 1 entry.

🔥 Create a FREE account on the website risefromresin.co.uk (link in bio) = 1 entry. (Anyone who’s bought from us will automatically gain 1 entry!)

🔥 Follow us on Facebook = 1 entry!

This means you can have THREE entries if you complete all 3!

Giveaway closes Saturday 3rd April 23.59 GMT & The winner will be announced on the following Sunday!

So thank you again for supporting our dream, of making affordable miniatures more available in the UK and to read my ramblings!

1 last thing we would really like to break the 1000 followers mark on Instagram before next weekend, can you all help out, if everyone brings a friend we smash that target.!


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