Minis, Minis & More Minis!

Miniature painting is not just my work, it is my passion and I'm so pleased to be able to share that passion with you here! Here you can take a look at some of my past and present projects and how I found them! This page will continue to expand so keep your eyes peeled for new miniature goodness and what I can provide as an artist!  

Love Lass x




Adeptus Mechanicus [personal project] 

This is my latest adventure! The Adeptus Mechanicus. 

You may remember me saying that 40k had never really appealed to me. There was the odd model here and there I liked the look of but a whole army? No. However that changed. I'd started trying to learn more of the 40k lore. Being a Warhammer/Miniature Painting content creator full time, I thought it was something I could do with learning. A lot of my followers were big in to 40k and a fair few had asked me when I, myself would be dipping my toe in. But still nothing really jumped out at me. Sisters of Battle looked okay, Death Guard, I had already done the Nurgle thing... Orkz? I had my Ironjawz already. And I had zero interest in any kind of Space Marine army. But then The Adeptus Mechanicus caught my eye. Badass cyborg looking folk, with flowing capes and wires protruding all over, machines that wouldn't look out of place on Robot Wars and tortured looking souls, half man- half machine. 

"The main function of this organization is the promotion and preservation of technological as well as scientific thought." 

I ordered a couple of single miniatured to wet my whistle, but before they'd even arrived I had gone out and bought a whole Combat Patrol box (similar to a Start Collecting) Their rule book (codex) and The 40k Core Rules book. I am still yet to try out the game but I am powering through the painting and honestly, they're one of my most enjoyable paint jobs yet! It's a very different painting style to anything else I've done but I am loving it. I've already treated myself to a few more additions to the army but I've set myself the goal of finishing my Combat box before I move on to the new treats! Keep your eyes peeled for more Ad Mech and let's see if I eventually get my head around these 40k rules! 


Praise The Omnissiah 

30k World Eaters [commission]

This was my first ever full army commission and only the second time I have ever painted anything Warhammer 30k! I was excited (and a little nervous) to get stuck in! Thing I enjoyed most about this commission, was the creativity I was able to express when it came to the weathering! Rust, mud, blood... I love creating these effects so I had a really good time messing these boys up! I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of painting with whites, however knowing I was going to dirty them up at the end anyway, made painting the white  a little easier, it didnt matter if it wasnt "perfect". 
That's not to say I cut any corners, I still worked on having a good solid foundation for the messy creativity! I used an air brush for the white base, and a wash of 1/3 Citadel nuln oil shade, 1/3 Ciatdel drakenhof nighthade shade 1/3 Citadel lamium medium! I then picked out the highlights with a little white again. 
The weathering was the really fun part! I used various techniques for this, shades to create a dirty look, texture paint for mud, blood splatters using Citadel Blood for The Blood God, and sponging on "chipping" (for more on weathering see my Tips & Tricks) 

I paited 40 of these marines in total and it seems my client will be returning with more for me to do on his dream army later this year. It was an honour to bring such an important army for someone to life and knowing how pleased they were with my work makes the job all the more rewarding! 

Master Lazarus [commission]

Master Lazarus of The dark Angels was the first 40k figure I ever painted (well, apart from a half arsed attempt at painting some Death Guard which I was soon side tracked from) As most of my followers know , I was never really into the 40k side of Warhammer but Mr Laz here turned out to be very enjoyable! I particularly enjoyed painting his face, having not painted many humans at this point, It was fun to get creative. I felt like the box art made him look a little too...clean. In my eyes he needed to look a little battle-hardened. I added a bit of "stubble" and picked out his scar on his face. I kept the edge highlights a bit more subtle going for a bit of wet blending instead just to really bring out the shadows vs the light! I was really pleased with the cape also. Someone spotted this commission piece and liked it so much they wanted one too! So, Lazarus here has been painted twice by me. Do you know what? I'd paint him again too! 

Metal Miniatures [Commissions]

The first metal miniatures I ever painted were the LOTR Dunlending warriors. I wasn't really that sure what to expect. Would it be that different to painting plastic? What I did know is, it's best to clean them thoroughly beforehand. I use a bit of warm soapy water and an old toothbrush for this! After a little experience now, what I would also say it's best to get a good prime/base down. as the paint can chip and flake off quite easily if not. I'll be honest... I wasn't overly enjoying the metal experience. I was used to the perfectly smooth surfaces of the plastic miniatures I had painted up to that point. Metal was a little bumpy... a little rougher around the edges and my painting didn't look how I wanted it to immediately. However I worked through them and I was actually really pleased with how they looked in the end. The client was over the moon and that is what matters.

 I went on to do a couple more for the same person! I didn't paint metal again until a new client approached me enquiring about some pulp inspired metal miniatures, Dangerous Dames. I was very intrigued by this project though a little dubious about my old "friend" metal... But this time it was different. I don't know if it was a case of my painting skills had improved since the first time I painted metal, or that I'd fallen a little bit in love with the dames, but there were REALLY enjoyable to paint. Still, very different to plastic but I found it was easier to adapt this time. I had great fun bringing them to life and on top of that, the client had given me complete artistic freedom over the colour schemes! I've since worked with this client a few times and I'm currently working on another, bigger project for them as we speak. It's really fun working on something completely different to what I normally paint. I look forward to sharing the rest with you soon! 

Ironjawz [personal project] 

My boys. My army! My Orks!! 

Once I had started playing Age of Sigmar a lot more, I realised just how weak Nurgle were. They are in dire need of a new cook, an update, a little love you know? I tried everything, every list but as I got more competitive in my game play, they just weren't cutting it. 

I decided to use my Fiancés Ironjaw army for a change of pace and had a game using those. Well, I completely fell in love with their play style, plus I had always thought the models looked badass. I had won a competition and had a voucher to spend in a games store. October was approaching so I thought, why not celebrate ORKtober and start a new army? 

My goal was to paint up my "Ironjawz Start Collecting" set during the month. I'm pleased to say I reached that goal. I am extremely happy with the colour scheme I came up with for them. The majority of Orks I've seen all have a very similar green skin, however I wanted to step outside the box. I went for a very teal skin and funky "screamer pink" armour. I loved picking out the facial expressions in their angry little faces, the scars and the piercings. The wizard "Weirdnob Shaman" is one of my favourite minis in the collection to paint, he's so utterly goofy with so much character. 

 I also added more to my army, including the Maw-Krusha (what a beast of a model) and have even taken them to a tournament. I didn't win, in fact, I received the wooden spoon prize (an actual wooden spoon)but I learnt a lot and I was proud of myself for even showing up. 

My lads really are my pride and joy and I plan to continue to build and adapt my army and see where they take me! WAAAGH!!!!

Blood Bowl Elves [commission]

The team pictured here are the second Blood Bowl team I was asked to paint. I absolutely love elves so was more than happy to take on this project. I myself, have never played Blood Bowl but it's on my list of games I'd like to learn. I loved giving each elf their own "personality" and creating the bases was super fun, they really do look like pitch lines! I also find putting on transfers very therapeutic (is that weird?) so I enjoyed that too! The only thing I found awkward was painting the little Blood Bowl footballs, almost having to let one side dry before turning it to paint the other! Now if I were to play, I wonder what team I would go for? 

Drycha Hamadreth [commission] 

A throwback to my first ever commission! The one that started my journey in to becoming a full time artist. A client from America who became a good friend approached me and asked if I would paint him something for his upcoming Dungeons & Dragons campaign (he is an EXCELLENT DM and voice actor) and I was honoured. We decided on using a Sylvaneth Drycha and two Sylvaneth Dryads for this. He wanted a "Corrupt" magical look to them and this was the result. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I most definitely second guessed my self (and third...fourth and fifth guessed) along the way. 
On seeing them all together at the end and receiving the most incredible feedback from my first ever, my worries vanished! This commission will ALWAYS be so very important to me.

Thank you Josh, for asking me to paint for you and kicking off my commission painting journey! Always grateful  (Find Josh on Instagram : @npcvoices)